The two takeaways that make improvement projects fail

The two takeaways that make improvement projects fail

The title of this BBC article is not relevant, what is important is the two clear takeaways that are relevant to any business:

…but they had based their work on academic literature rather than the experiences…”

“Hiring an off-the-shelf big package from one of the big companies has been proven time and again to fail,”

Building a solution to a ‘problem’ will not work if the answer is being designed based on what we ‘think is being done’, ‘how it should be done’ or ‘this is how another person does it’. Understanding the real life process is paramount to finding the right solution. Get inside the process, speak to the teams about what they do and how they do it. Never assume. Better still, involve the team members in the complete solution process to not only get the solution right, but to also implement sustainable change.

The second point obviously needs no introduction, but it also doesn’t mean that ‘hiring an off-the-shelf big package’ is instantly the wrong approach and should be written off. Understanding your as-is processes, and doing this exercise properly will help determine the solution that is right for the business. Process first, system second.

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