Alex Chapman, AWC Detailing

Providing seamless and easy communication throughout the customer journey

From quote and acquisition to package delivery and beyond — maintaining communication throughout the customer journey is key to providing excellent service

As businesses develop, sales processes can become cumbersome and difficult to manage. Workflows grow to be overloaded or outdated, there are too many platforms, customer follow-up is not consistent and unmanageable spreadsheets manifest from nowhere — leading to confusion and gaps in customer communications. Once these problems start, providing great customer service becomes increasingly difficult.

Sorting woods and trees

Luxury car valeting and detailing company, AWC Detailing, has grown rapidly due to their premium offer and incomparable customer service which has led to them enjoying repeat business, superb word of mouth and flawless five-star reviews. Owner Alex Chapman started the company at the age of 13 from his parent’s driveway! 

Alex Chapman, AWC Detailing

However, seven successful years on, he started to notice his processes were turning into a tangle of disorganisation: “The whole workflow was becoming clustered. We were using iCalendar to book in appointments, Gmail for our customer emails, Quickbooks for invoicing, every stage of the customer booking process used a different system. We were finding it increasingly difficult to follow up customer quotes, meaning our conversion rates were lower than we’d like. In addition, the spreadsheet I used to track jobs through the business was becoming impossible to manage. I had to regularly leave jobs to sort out the paperwork in the office. The whole process took up to 40 minutes per customer, I knew there had to be a better way but wasn’t sure where to start.” 

Alex knew if his customer service and follow-up processes were beginning to become unravelled due to increased workloads and out-dated processes, he risked losing the fantastic reputation he’d tirelessly built. AWC Detailing were now requiring professional streamlining solutions to sort the trees from the wood they’d grown.

There is no universal approach that works. Each business is unique and must be treated accordingly.

It’s essential to deep dive into all elements an organisation offers, spotting gaps in processes and finding effective solutions to suit particular problems. 

Alex approached Alan Martin, from Vision Reach and explained the issues. After talking through Vision Reach’s four step process, Alex was confident his business would benefit from the process review.

Vision Reach’s Four Step Process

Review and audit of current business processes

Alex is clear, the first step in Vision Reach’s process made all the difference to the success of the process. “Alan spent the day with us. He took the time to understand our whole process. It was this attention to detail that helped to find the right software solution for our business.”

Discovering the source of a problem must be the number one priority — Alex’s pinch point was their customer booking system; however, issues were also uncovered in a number of areas including:

  • Following up emailed quotations — in many cases three emails were needed before the quote was converted to a sale
  • With a mobile valeting service, as well as in-house facilities, the task management and staff allocation processes contained inefficiencies and was hard to manage remotely
  • The administration of invoices through a separate accounting system caused an administrative burden in invoicing, impacting on cash flow
  • Customer contact throughout the process was ad hoc, customers were calling AWC, taking time away from jobs in hand
  • Minimal follow up activity took place to ensure customer satisfaction or repeat business

The solution needed to be delivered delicately: automation was absolutely required to ensure follow-up processes were continuously occurring. However, the personal touch AWC Detailing used to effectively distinguish themselves from competitors, could not be lost through automating their services.

Personalising recommendations

Alan Martin, Vision Reach

AWC needed unique recommendations for their requirements, selecting the correct software solution is essential. Alex required software capable of handling customer acquisition management, streamlining paperwork and the ability to manage jobs and staff from one Cloud-based solution; a shortlist of four packages were evaluated with the chosen software able to cope with Alex’s specific demands. 

As Alan Martin explains, “We ensure the solution is the right software package for each individual business. In this case, we chose ServiceM8 as it offered customer acquisition management, streamlined paperwork and the opportunity to manage jobs and staff in one Cloud-based solution.”


Effective implementation is paramount — this eases all processes and takes the concern out of day-to-day workflows, leaving Alex and his team free to concentrate on the tasks which require human nuance, not automation! Alex adds; “I was spending so much time chasing my tail, following up quotes and trying to allocate staff, whilst managing each job. It was tough going.” 

AWC Detailing’s new cloud automated internal processes, which occur in real-time, have customer service at their core. As Alex states,

It’s a slick process with the customer experience back at the heart of what we do.”

Alex Chapman

The new processes include:

  • Individual customer accounts
  • Payment system
  • Automatic quotation follow-up
  • Remote and in house task allocation
  • Completion follow-ups
  • Direct link with accounting package
  • Social media updates

Review and continual improvement

The final step is to review and ensure continual improvement. As Alan explains, “Without this continued conversation, there is always the risk of the business processes starting to drift into inefficiencies. By constantly reviewing the system, we ensure the software is up to date and staff training is focused on providing excellent customer service.”

Cloud-based software solutions are fantastic from a continuous perspective, as a business grows and changes, the software is there to support and review developments. This makes understanding necessary changes and enhancements far easier to comprehend as the business continues to develop. Regular review meetings are essential and new ideas to help streamline processes should remain in progress. AWC Detailing now annually review their processes to ensure they’re keeping on top of the forest they’re growing!

In Alex’s words, “I knew the business could be more efficient, but it took a fresh pair of eyes to highlight not only the barriers we’d inadvertently put in place but also the massive potential of investing in removing these with readily available software. It was worth every penny and minute of my time invested.”

What should I do if I need to automate my processes?

If, similarly to Alex, you’re struggling with scaling, over-bearing task lists or difficulty in managing customer expectation, speak with a professional company who can provide your organisation with a software solution, perfectly matching your requirements.

Alex used Vision Reach to help transform, streamline and empower his company. 

As a consequence of Vision Reach’s expertise, AWC Detailing are now working with these fantastic results:

  • Automatic quote follow up reduced time spent by 54%
  • Increased quote conversion rate from 30% to 50%, with no additional work
  • Customer booking time reduced from 3 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Time spent sending images to customers reduced from 10 minutes to 2 minutes per customer 
  • Total time spent on paperwork reduced from 40 minutes to 10 minutes per job
  • Additional capacity increased from 2-3 cars to 6-7 at a time

As Alex concludes, 

If I start another business, I’d use Alan. He’s the icing on the cake for a growing organisation.”

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