What if there was more time for tea?

You can do so much more with the tools you already have. You just need to know what they can do!

Did you know that you already have the software, systems and tools required to improve efficiency, remove time consuming tasks and to grow your business?

Let’s take a look at quite possibly the one software application that every business couldn’t live without….Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet. The application that is an illusion; an illustration of how things are made more complicated all by making things simpler in the beginning.

Let me explain.

You used a calculator to calculate your invoiced sales (for example). Excel came along and it was a dream come true, you can now forget your calculator and manipulate your data in ways that a calculator could only dream of with the use of VLOOKUP, SUM, AVERAGE etc. You have created a ‘template’ spreadsheet where the formulas are in place and all you need to do is change a few values and like magic all your values have updated.

An improvement and a time saver – how did you survive typing all those values into a calculator just to get your monthly invoiced sales figure.

Now, because of what Excel can do, you now create these monthly reports with ease. Grown from simply calculations to understanding sales patterns, which requires more data. So you find you are copying and pasting data between spreadsheets, reformatting it to make it look pretty etc. Inevitably as sales grow, you find more work and analysis is required.

So you have gone from Excel saving you time, to spending a lot of your time in Excel because of its capabilities. What if there was a way to use Excel that would save time with what you now have to do…

Our training in both Advanced Excel and SQL provides you the tools to save your own time and reduce time spent on non-value add admin tasks

Excel’s power is in using formulas, but it’s hidden power is macros. There are so many formulas that I can guarantee you will still be doing some manual things that you weren’t aware that there was a formulae to do it (SUMIF, COUNTIF etc). The easiest way to describe macros is that they allow you to automate some of those repetitive (and let’s face it, boring) tasks in Excel. Such as formatting data so it uses the required corporate layout right.

Imagine you are a finance person of a large business (you may well be already) with many entities (or smaller business units). You receive the monthly accounts spreadsheet data from each business unit, in THEIR format. You have to take the data, manipulate it so you have only the information you need, you copy and paste this into the ‘main’ spreadsheet, reformat the data to give it the corporate look it requires an, finally, you have to save each individual worksheet with a different filename (with the main spreadsheet going to the board of directors).

All of this can be done with macros! Saving you a significant amount of time.

The point of this article: You can do so much more with the tools you already have. You just need to know what it can do!

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