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Evacusafe, Basingstoke



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Client Overview

Evacusafe are providers of equipment, servicing and training to enable the safe evacuation of mobility-impaired people..


Project Brief

Evacusafe were looking for a more efficient way to work, being able to do more without increasing headcount. We were introduced to Evacusafe during another project with one of their suppliers – looking at improving the scheduling of their resources to better serve their clients like Evacusafe.

Evacusafe were using Sage 500 for stock control, dispatching and invoicing, and a combination of spreadsheets, paper-based processes and Outlook calendars. They were also not proactive in chasing new business from existing clients (legally a servicing and training is meant to happen every year).


How we achieved it/Solution

We implemented a new cloud-based stock management system, at the same time Evacusafe introduced a new accounting system. Both systems were integrated (“spoke to each other”).

We also implemented new processes, and removed some steps (such as the creation of a box label) to further save time.

With the capacity increased, attention moved to increasing sales. We implemented a simple CRM system, and created a bespoke integration that would drive the right sales behaviors. The integration would automatically raise a task in the CRM system based on when the customer last purchased servicing/training, or last purchased a chair. This enabled Evacusafe to intelligently capture the sales they have been missing out on.



On day one, by removing the requirement of printing a label, we saved Evacusafe 30 seconds per order. Multiple this by the large amount of orders they were processing, resulted in an immediate positive impact.

The implementation of the stock management system we identified as the right solution, resulted in a 63% saving in order processing time.