Principal Heating and Plumbing, Waltham Abbey

business consulting services




Client Overview

Principal Heating provide a range of services to both domestic and commercial markets. Services include bathrooms, heating, kitchens and other plumbing services.


Project Brief

We were approached by a business management consultancy that was working with Principal Heating to grow their business.

Principal Heating were using a very manual based system, with a lot of the information being ‘in the head’ of one person. This resulted in other members of the team not knowing who was going where and when, or how much to invoice…etc.

Principal Heating did have a cloud based accounting system (Quickbooks), so they needed a solution that would integrate with this and that enabled them to see people’s availability, schedule work and invoice.

As they were looking for growth, we also wanted a solution that would assist in this, and that was fit for their ‘future vision’ of what they would be offering (a subscription based service).

Principal Heating also did not want something that was of a manageable cost.


How we achieved it/Solution

We identified three potential job management systems based on the requirements and budget. Having demoed all the potential solutions, we implemented a job management system, that was easy to use (for them), cost effective for their budget and did everything that was required.

The cloud based job management system was integrated with their Quickbooks Online to avoid any duplication, and we provided ongoing support and training to ensure that all features were being used.

We also made sure that automated messages went out to their customers to ensure people were in when there engineers called, and additionally periodic follow-up messages to assist in growing the business (getting more sales) without any additional work.

We created a digital replica of Principal Heatings gas and landlord safety certificates, enabling engineers to enter the necessary readings on their mobile device, and the certificate automatically created ready to be sent to the customer.



The job management system that was chosen was so easy that they immediately starting using and reaping the rewards. There was less pressure on the person that had it ‘all in his head’, because that was no longer needed, they could see who was available and when so that they could instantly book jobs rather than having to call back to confirm, and it enabled other staff members to liaise with customers.

Communication was improved as photographs and notes regarding the job were taken on a mobile device, and instantly accessible to the office.

The gas and landlord certification was much more streamlined, with copies of these being available instantly by the office.

Principal Heating are now doing more of the work and less of the admin.