Data Extraction and Migration

Bringing new software into a business usually means the data from existing software solutions needs to be extracted and migrated to your new systems.

Our team can support this process, so you can focus on doing what you do best!

What data extraction and migration can you help with?

We can help with extracting data from existing documents (even printed), databases and systems, presenting the data in the required format, or transferring to a new system or database.

Can you extract data from protected databases?

We have successfully extracted data from Microsoft Access Databases and document management systems (such as Virtual Cabinet). Once understanding the structure of the data, we then put this into the required format. For example, the files of a document management system are stored on a server, but are given a unique name and have no structure - this information is stored in a complex structure in the database. We did a deep dive to understand this structure and extract the files with their original name and within a folder structure that reflects that of how it is seen in the document management system (or indeed into a different structure if required).

At this stage we will also spend time with your staff to ensure everyone understands the new software and how it will benefit their working environment.

Do you provide an aftercare service?

After implementation, you will be able to utilise our aftercare service. This is our commitment to you to provide you with continuous support and regular contact to ensure you are 100% happy with the software we’ve provided. We believe this will help you to maximise your investment and allow you to adapt solutions as your business grows.