Joblogic Enhancement Pack

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We believe in not reinventing the wheel when it comes to software, but what we do believe in is enhancing what you have to make it work better for you - making your software fit 100% to your needs.

Add our Joblogic Enhancement Pack to one of the leading job management systems, and gain additional features:

Easily create a PPM Contract where you charge the customer an upfront deposit payment that is different to their ongoing payments. This Joblogic enhancement provides the functionality to enter a deposit amount, that is taken off of the contract value, and then the remaining balance split over the billing frequency you select.

This Joblogic enhancement provides visibility of when a customer account is on-hold - for example when they have outstanding invoices. Tagging a customer with ONHOLD, will automatically create a warning notice on the customer card, making everyone aware that the customer is on hold when they create a quote or job.

When you have many parts that have a similar description, it can be hard to select the correct part when using Joblogic's standard part list. With this enhancement, you will see the full part description in the part drop down list, ensuring you select the correct part first time.

Useful for when you predominantly create multi-section quotes, this Joblogic Enhancement makes it so that everytime a new quote is created, it defaults to a multi-section quote.

Simplified payments with an average of 47% cost saving. Our Direct Debit enhancement brings the power of GoCardless to Joblogic, enabling direct payments to be taken for invoices, and these payments instantly recorded within Joblogic.

With the Joblogic API, payments can also be taken and recorded automatically.

I want another feature added to Joblogic

We are always looking for new ways to enhance Joblogic. If you need additional functionality added to Joblogic, then please do get in touch and we can discuss further.

Is there a cost to using these enhancements?

Yes. There is a charge for the use of this enhancement pack. The ongoing cost allows us to ensure the enhancements continue to work when Joblogic is updated, and to make sure we can bring you all the additions we make to the enhancement pack at no additional cost.

Can I disable the enhancements?

Every enhancement provided by the Joblogic Enhancement Pack can be enabled/disabled using the enhancement meny clearly visible at the top of the screen. This useful for when you are experiencing issues with Joblogic and want to understand if it is a fault with the software or our enhancement.

How do I add these features to my Joblogic?

All you need to do, is contact us using the button below, and we will be in touch to talk through how easy it is to set up.