The Rare Bread Meat Company, Colchester, Essex and Blackwells Farm Shop

Order Processing – The Rare Breed Meat Company

This project is a great example of how we take on a problem as our own and, working with third parties to get the best solution for the business. Rare Breed Meat Company were suffering from many years of systems and processes bolted on as the company expanded. They did not need a new ERP system that they would undoubtedly had been sold had they not engaged Vision Reach. Instead, they got a longer term solution, with some quick wins thrown in whilst they wait for this longer term solution.

The Problem

Having produced some GDPR guidance for The Rare Breed Meat Company, based in Colchester, Essex, Vision Reach were asked whether we could assist with some problems they were having within their order processing process and system.

The system was a bespoke solution and support was no longer available.

Some of the issues included:

  • Orders being overwritten
  • Order confirmations were manual and contained no order information resulting in unnecessary calls from the customer
  • Items on pick list reports were not in a specific order, resulting in time consuming picking process
  • Unable to view customer order history (although the feature was present in the system)
  • Lack of trust in the system, resulting in additional manual process (orders of a particular type were written in a book)
  • New customer emails were written down as there was no easy way to extract this information for marketing purposes
  • Adding an item to the idea took a long time because of the amount of products
  • and the list goes on…

The Solution (and Quick Wins)

During our collective exercise of analysing the problems, it was identified that The Rare Breed Meat Company were in the process of having a new website built.

Working with the very talented team at Studio Link Eleven in Colchester to understand the functionality, we proposed a few changes to the new site that would remove the need for this bespoke system and would significantly improve the order processing time, with less orders needing processing. Additionally, the use of the website ‘backend’ for order processing would also be playing to the strengths of the team.

Quick wins

The only problem with using the new website was that development was not yet complete.

We agreed on the priorities, and took on the challenge of understanding how the system worked and provided quick remedies to the high impact problems through our development service. Providing immediate relief whilst the website continued to be developed to provide:

  • A faster product entry facility
  • Elimination of customer queries with an Order Confirmation feature
  • Ability to group products by department resulting in a faster picking process
  • Access to customers’ order history by fixing the problem
  • Providing the ability to quickly download all new customer email addresses to avoid having to keep a separate record

We also worked directly with their IT support provider allowing the business to continue to operate as normal.

Link: The Rare Breed Meat Company and Blackwells Farm Produce