System Integration and Enhancements

Our integration and adaptations offering sets us apart from the rest. Before offering new solutions, our team will first investigate what integrations or adaptations can be made to existing cloud based software.

For any new cloud based software solutions we offer, we will also consider what software enhancements can be added to ensure your software provides 100% of the functionality you require.

What adaptations can you offer?

This will all depend on what your business’s requirements are. We can offer integrations with other applications that the system does not integrate with ‘out of the box’. We can also customise and add features to cloud/web based applications that would otherwise not be extendable, or would require large development costs from the software company.

Do you have examples of adaptations and enhancements you have made?

We offer a range of project based add-ons to make sure your software provides 100% of what you need. Some examples of what we offer include:

  • An integration that creates a CRM task for the sales team based on when a product was bought increasing sales of yearly servicing and bi-annual product training
  • An enhancement to a cloud-based system that generates a new sequential number when a new asset is added. This is a feature not available within the system itself
  • An enhancement that takes a pdf quote from an aged system, extracts the relevant information and enters this onto the order in a job management system. Removing the duplication that would otherwise have been required.
  • A small add-on to a cloud based system that enables the retrieving and updating of order information and progress - improving communication between the factory floor, the office and the customer
  • A monthly report that shows the sales and calculates the commission that is due for every website for an embroidery company. Each of their clients have a webshop created for them and can earn when their customers purchase.
  • An Excel add-on for a care home company that provides fast visibility of progress when downloading the data from their system. This took a 3.5 day task to a 11 seconds wait (and three clicks)