Don't put bad processes into a new system

TIP: Don’t put bad processes into new systems

If you are considering implementing a new accounting, purchasing, stock management, ERP or MRP; review your processes before starting the project.

The impact on productivity

Regardless of what software you implement, there is an inevitable impact on productivity. The greater the system, the greater the impact. Assuming these new systems are implemented correctly and the business post-implementation is managed correctly, productivity does recover.

Productivity is one reason why you should be looking at your processes first. Going into a new system with efficient processes allows you to offset and minimise the early productivity impact.

A cost or an investment?

You want your new system to be an investment to your business – one that will enable your business to increase sales, fulfil more orders, reduce lead times…for your business to grow.

Putting old processes into a new system simply makes your new software nothing more than a cost to your business.

To maximise your investment, review your processes first.

Contact us to understand how we can reduce this impact of introducing a new system, how we make sure that any new system will improve productivity and allow tasks to be completed more efficiently, and how we make sure your new systems is an investment.