Supporting the wider community

Supporting those in need

As the colder nights start to become common, we are asking for ways we can help those most vulnerable at this time of year and wo do not necessarily get the help and support they need. We have some ideas, but welcome any suggestions on who we should be assisting and how. Our work is […]

What if there was more time for tea?

You can do so much more with the tools you already have. You just need to know what they can do!

Did you know that you already have the software, systems and tools required to improve efficiency, remove time consuming tasks and to grow your business? Let’s take a look at quite possibly the one software application that every business couldn’t live without….Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet. The application that is an illusion; an illustration of how […]

Is diversity still an issue?

Is diversity still an issue?

Looking through some of the old files, I came across this article on diversity I wrote some time ago. Without all the bias attached to a self-written article, I must say the article is very powerful, particularly the ending, and certainly makes you think about the issue of diversity in the workplace. Upon reading this […]