Simpro Enhancement Pack

Simpro Premium Job Management System

We believe in not reinventing the wheel when it comes to software, but what we do believe in is enhancing what you have to make it work better for you - making your software fit 100% to your needs.

Add our Simpro Premium Enhancement Pack to one of the leading job management systems, and gain additional features including an average of 47% cost saving on invoice payment collection:

See quickly what cost centres make up a job or project - this Simpro Premium enhancement adds a cost centre column to the Jobs list screen. Additionally, a cost centre column is also added to the Stock Report.

Cut through the noise of a lot of alerts, and filter your job and quote alerts by zone. This enhancement provides a dropdown box containing all of the zones setup in Simpro, and instantly filters the information on the screen to your chosen zone.

For those times where you just want to quickly see the stock take discrepancies. This enhancement provides a switch to Simpro's stock take screen, enabling you to quick remove any stock take lines that are of zero value. Additionally, this enhancement changes the export function, ensuring that the file you download also does not contain the zero values.

When adding assets, it can be time consuming to remove all of the service levels that are within that asset type. In order to remove many service levels within Simpro, you need to go through the list and select which ones you would like to remove - one by one. This is particularly time consuming when you have a large list of service levels. This enhancement provides the functionality of selecting all service levels at once. Using this can speed up the removal process, as now all you have to do is select all and then unselect the service levels you wish to keep.

Probably one of the most exciting additions to Simpro's Maintenance Planner functionality, Single Works Order. Simpro's standard functionality provides the ability to create multiple maintenance jobs automatically. When these jobs are to be actioned by a third party contractor, a contractor works order needs to be raised for every job that has been created. This involves a lot of admin time both in setting up, completing and invoicing.

Our Single Works Order functionality provides the ability to be able to provide one single works order to your contractor for each maintenance planner job, whilst ensuring asset maintenance and testing is kept to schedule.

Simpro only has the capability of adding multiple contacts' email addresses one by one on a job Form, and only a single email on a Contractor Works Order. This enhancement provides the ability to quickly add all contacts to an email-to field on a job Form, and provides access to a contractors secondary email when sending a works order.

When an asset test fails, a quote has to be raised and then converted to a job. This Simpro Premium enhancement reduces the time it takes, when a quote is not required, by providing the ability to quickly create a job.

When a job card is declined, Simpro takes the decision that it is no longer required and removes it from the system - together with asset testing information and all notes. This simple enhancement removes the job card decline button so that job cards can be edited and fixed without having to deal with the lost data.

When working with multi-companies in Simpro, it is easy to forget which company you are currently working in. This enhancement makes the Simpro dashboard and navigation bar the same colour as the companies colour set in Simpro's multi-company settings, providing very clear visibility and understanding of whether you are in the correct company or not before time is spent on the task in hand.

Simpro's powerful task functional does not provide the ability to assign tasks to whole Teams. Rather than needing to work through a list of people to try and pick out the right people, this enhancement provides a dropdown to select the Teams you want to allocate the tasks to. No more scrolling through and selecting multiple people just to miss someone, choose the wrong people or both.

Simplified payments with an average of 47% cost saving. Our Direct Debit enhancement brings the power of GoCardless to Simpro Premium, enabling direct payments to be taken for invoices, recurring invoice payments collected automatically and payments recorded within Simpro automatically.

I want another feature added to Simpro

We are always looking for new ways to enhance Simpro. If you need additional functionality added to Simpro, then please do get in touch and we can discuss further.

Can I disable the enhancements?

Every enhancement provided by the Simpro Premium Enhancement Pack can be enabled/disabled using the enhancement menu clearly visible from the settings menu at the top of the screen. This useful for when you are experiencing issues with Simpro Premium and want to understand if it is a fault with the software or our enhancement.

Is there a cost to using these enhancements?

Yes. There is a charge for the use of this enhancement pack. The ongoing cost allows us to ensure the enhancements continue to work when Simpro Premium is updated, and to make sure we can bring you all the additions we make to the enhancement pack at no additional cost.

How do I add these features to my Simpro?

All you need to do, is contact us using the button below, and we will be in touch to talk through how easy it is to set up.